Anciently descended from the same mother race as the Valkyrian, the Valorem live in the great western wood of the northern continent, which they call the Moriennal. They do not inherently have wings, but is long believed that one day an Outlyr and a Kyrseh would mate to give birth to a new race of Valkyrian that would unite the Valorem and the Valkyrian once more.



The Valorem function in tribes or groups similar to the Valkyrian talons known as branches.

The Valorem have strong family ties that keep everyone close. However, outside of a family, the Valorem tend to keep to themselves. They are mistrusting of others and highly suspicious of outsiders.

The Moriennal forest, being under near-constant cloud cover. This has lead to clothing being made of thick materials, but not being limiting. In fact, much like the Valkyrian, the Valorem wear as little clothing as possible when it's not winter.

When a young Valorem comes of age they are put through the rite of succession which determines if they are eligable to be a Outlyr or Kyrseh.


Valorem mate for life. However, once mated, a husband and wife will often spend long periods apart thanks in part to inherited duties.

In the first two years of marriage, the pair are not permitted to leave one another's sight. This is part of their bonding ritual that is said to make the pair inseparable in mind, body, and spirit. This it due in part to a deep psychic bond that is formed in those first two years.


They are a peaceful but proud people steeped in tradition. Everything has a meaning, everything has a ritual.

The AncientsEdit

It is their belief that they are descended from a race known only as the ancient Aklans or Ancients. They believe that they set the Valorem aside, removing their wings and tasking them with watching over the walking races not as a punishment but as a sacred duty to keep the peace.


Also descended from the ancient Aklans, Valkyrian are closely related to the Valorem, but the few interactions that have occurred between them have been similar to those of a hostile sibling rivalry.


The Valorem, being highly suspicious of all outsiders, that enter the Moriennal. This is mostly in part to the extreme sacredness and reverence in which they hold their forest. All intruders are put through Rite of Testing, however, due to an old legend that says that one Kyrseh and one Outlyr would be outsiders.

Well Known ValoremEdit

Ellisa May


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