They are entrusted with the knowledge of the sacred rituals passed down to them by the Ancients. They also are charged with the protection of the the sacred sites of Tahloor as well as rallying the races in times of need.

There are only ever 12 Outlyrs at a time, two for each of the six elements. The Outlyrs are selected through a ritual known as the rite of succession

The 12Edit

Rei Teyolynn - light

Sable Kolombai - light

Helorum Iceshard - wind

Levi Teyolynn - wind

NeKoda Owakan - water

Aiath Sylvian - water

Lachoneus Shadesvale - darnkess

Hashar May - darkness

Geddoni son of Minnai - earth

Shuleh Arrovie - earth

Darkon Shadesvale - fire

Shobai Ha'tall - fire