A sacred birthright of the Valorem peoples given to men of that pass the test of succession. This test is given to all those that pass through the Moriennal. There are only ever twelve Outlyr at one time: two from each of the six elements.


Some of the sacred duties of the Outlyrs are the protection of the sacred places of the northern continent as well as uniting the people of the northern continent in times of was or famine.

The 12Edit

Shullei Arrovie - Wind

Aiath Sylvian - Wind

NeKoda Owakia- Water

Levi Teyolynn - Water

Rei Teyolynn- Light

Sable Currance - Light

Helorum Iceshard- Earth

Geddoni, son of Minnai - Earth

Shobai Ha'tall - Fire

Darkon Shadesvale - Fire

Hashar May- Darkness

Lachoneus Shadesvale - Darkness