Also referred to as The People of the Raven, the Kiranni can be found mostly on the northern continent and are considered by the humans and Valorem to be demons.

Born out of one of the Ancients and a human, the Kiranni are set apart from regular Valkyrian by their black wings, dark hair, and dark complexion. As the legend goes, the human ancestor of the original Kiranni discovered Akla whilst sailing. He brought his crew with him and, needless to say, caused mayhem on the island, capturing the ancients Aklans and taking them as slaves or concubines. The Aklans caught back, and the Matron, along with her council, placed a curse on the Kiranni, as well as a powerful spell over the island that was supposed to protect Akla from foreign intrusion.

Well Known KiranniEdit

Alana of the Raven

Aaron of the Raven